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Our Mission

Imperia Wealth Management is a boutique wealth management practice specializing in portfolio management and holistic financial planning.  IWM was founded by Michael Bellody in December of 2020, with the commitment of providing every client with a Concierge Level Wealth Management experience.

What is Concierge Level Wealth Management?

“Experience the Difference”

This is not our tagline, it’s our culture, deeply rooted in every aspect of our practice.  We embody CLWM every day throughout our client relationships.  IWM clients receive superlative, personalized advice and service, uncommon to the industry.  Our team combines experience and diversity of thought resulting in a degree of intellectual excellence rare in the financial industry.

How We Work:

How We Work:

“You are the star of the show”

1. Goal Identification

One of the very first questions we ask potential clients is… “How can we help you?”  The answer to this question is critically important to us, influencing every aspect of the financial advice we provide to you. We call this mindset a “Listen First” approach to wealth management. The aspirations held dear by you and your family will guide us every step of the way, as we construct your financial pathway for success. 

Your financial situation is unique to you, and we must understand it holistically so we can know how to best help you in your quest to achieve the financial life of your dreams.  It’s not our job to tell you what those dreams should be.  Our job is to understand them so we can craft a plan that allows an efficient path to making them reality.  

2.  You Learn About Us

Once we have a complete understanding of YOU, it’s time for us to make sure you have a complete understanding of us.  We will provide you with a detailed synopsis of who we are, how we work with clients and more specifically, how we can best work with YOU.

3. Is there a fit?

From the discussion described above, you will have a complete understanding of who we are and how we work with our clients and we can determine together how we can best help you based on what's most important to you.

This process is always a casual, introductory conversation, designed to assist you in your quest to find the right advisory team.

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